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An innovative new app that allows parents to pre-order & pay for healthy meals from the Tuck Shop at their child’s school.

The perfect solution for busy moms hungry children & the overworked Tuck Shop convenor.

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Benefits for Parents

- We Make Lunch Easier

No more mornings spent searching for loose change or brown paper bags.

Whether you have one or multiple children at the school or kids at different schools, lunch is just a few clicks away!

- We Make it Safe and Secure

A safe and secure ordering system that eliminates the concern of your child carrying cash to school.

Order ahead or send your child to the Tuck Shop with a Tap Tuck card. Set daily & weekly spend limits. Use the card at any Tap Tuck Merchant school.

How it works for parents

  • Step 1. Download

    Download our app on the Apple App store, Google play store or use our web app

  • Step 2. Top-up Wallet

    Deposit funds into your TapTuck Wallet with EFT or Credit Card.

    We charge a 5% service fee.

  • Step 3. Add a Kid

    Name, Photo, Grade & Class, School

    Dietary Information

    Link a TapTuck card from the Tuckshop

    Set Card spend limits

  • Step 4. Order Ahead

    Order up to 2 weeks in advance for multiple kids at multiple schools.

    If you don't have time to order, send your child to school with their Tap Tuck card.

Benefits for Schools

- We Inform Your School Community

We understand that changing processes within schools isn’t always easy.

We have all the information you need to inform and educate parents about how the system works.

- We Reduce Risks

Less cash handling at school.

- We Make Happy Parents

No more parent worries about lost or forgotten lunch boxes!

Speed up queues at the Tuck Shop.

Register your Tuck Shop Now

How it works for Tuck Shops

  • Register your Tuck Shop

    It's really quick & Easy to Register. We only need a few of your details.

  • Add you Menu

    Access your Dashboard & add your menu.

  • Get Selling

    Order cards & marketing material from us to distribute to your school.

    Use any Android or iOS device to start receiving orders & Pocket Money spend. Or Order hardware from us.

Safe, secure & convenient

Tap Tuck is fully Compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

PayGate is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Payment Gateway

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