Tuck Shop Lesson 2 Accepting Pocket Money

As a tuck-shop owner you will need to follow a few simple steps :

  1. Update the app and check that your home screen displays version 2.71

2. Login with your username and password.

3. The home screen of you app should display a “scan” option and a few more goodies to be released.

4. When a kids QR code is scanned a balance of their pocket money will be displayed on your screen it is in the empty block below that you will add how much the kid needs to redeem at the time of purchase once complete just click the “redeem pocket money” and all should be successful.

Please note

  1. Version 2.71 of the Taptuck has to be installed
  2. If a child has a R25 limit and spends R5 at first break, she is able to return to the tuckshop at big break to spend the remaining R20. If this is a weekly limit then she may use it during the week for further purchases
  3. A child will never be able to go over the pocket money limit.
  4. Taptuck can work with both an order placed and pocket money. i.e. if a kid orders a hamburger at big break through the app he/she may use their pocket money set for snacks or a sweet. This will both be displayed on the your Tuckshop login