Parent Lesson 2 Pocket Money

lesson: parents allowing pocket money

You can manage your child’s pocket money option in seven simple steps:

  1. Update the app and check your home screen displays version 2.71

2. Login with your username and password.

3. Click on your child’s profile and select the edit option

4. The new child pocket money payment option will now be available for you to enable. If you choose not to utilise the pocket money option leave this as disabled and your App will run as it has in the past.

5.Once child payments have been enabled (click the little grey box)  there will be an option for you to set a daily or weekly credit limit for your child. You also will be able to set limits for both daily and weekly options

6. Update your child

7. When your child purchases from the tuck-shop their barcode will be scanned and the monies allocated for use in the pocket money function will display on the tuckshop convenor app. The convenor can then enter the purchase total and it will be deducted accordingly.


*Please note:

  1. If you enable the child payment option and no amounts are inputted, the system automatically defaults to 0 and it will not allow child pay with this option.
  2. If no daily limit is set the system will display the weekly limit.
  3. Both daily and weekly limits are a rolling deduction. I.e. if your child has a R25 limit and spends R5 at first break, they are able to return to the tuckshop at big break to spend the remaining R20.
  4. Your child will never be able to go over the pocket money limit.
  5. Want to treat your child and still be sure they are eating right? No problem! Taptuck functions with both an order placed by parent and a pocket money purchase. i.e. The parent can place an order for a healthy meal at big break and set a daily limit of R12 for chips and a sweet. Both options will be displayed on the Tuck-shop convenors system. Best of both, brilliant.